I love to read, but I can't write. I've been reading how to improve writing, but the answer is always "keep writing!". So, here I'm, forcing myself to write because of the commitment I made to DigitalOcean ($5/month droplet 😫).

What really makes me start this blog is when I watched the YouTube video from Ali Abdaal. He talks about the benefit of starting a personal website, and he introduced Ghost, an open-source tool for blogs. It sounds so easy, so I take the plunge.

How To Build A Website in 2021
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"How To Build A Website in 2021" by Ali Abdaal

Since it's open-source, I tried to install it on my staging server (to save cost 😅), but it needs Nginx server (mine Apache). Ends up buying another $5 droplet from DigitalOcean. So now, here am I, writing this blog post.

What's up next?

I've been reading a new book titled "The Hockey Stick Principles" by Bobby Martin. I'm now 1/3 into the book, can't wait to share it with you!

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