This is an article in the newspaper I read this morning.

Article on Sin Chew Newspaper, Business Section

This article talks about the complaints everyone has:

  • We are too late into the market.
  • Our feature is pre-mature.
  • How are we going to close deals in a pandemic season?

But an A+ sales team is not finding the right problem to solve but solve the wrong problem right.

Case Study

KKday is a travel agency focus on overseas travel. In the midst of a pandemic, all overseas travel comes to a halt. They have to change their focus from overseas travel to local traveling.

One of the staff discovered most of their customers are family-oriented. So they work on travel packages that target families such as outdoor camping, indoor art & craft workshop, etc.

They are late to the market. Most of their competitor have partnerships with private schools, kindergarten, or primary schools. Although they might not have the majority of the market share in this market, many come to know KKday because of these efforts. And they believe in the future, these customers might become a customer in their overseas travel when the pandemic ends.

Selling travel packages on pandemic days might sound like the wrong problem to solve. But a dedicated team can make an opportunity out of it.


Any problem might be wrong at the start. But it's up to the leader to pick the problem to solve, and what we need to focus on is the "how". So let's not focus on right or wrong, but the many solutions to solve it. 😁

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