🔖 Summary in 3 Sentences

A wise man tells you what it takes to build 3 Fortune 500 companies in one lifetime. First to love your job, no matter what it is. Then focus on every single task, aim for perfection, and improve day by day.

‍🧑🏻 Who Should Read It?

Every young people who are starting to work.

🔑 My 3 Key Takeaways

Instead of finding a dream job, turn your current job into a dream job.


Many people are chasing their dream job, and dislike their current job. When the author is young, he too hates his job, wants to have a job that's easy but pays well. But one day, he decides to not waste his time, chasing his dream job. Instead, he tried to enjoy his current job. He realizes the more he loved his job, he can produce better results in his work. With the better result, he loves his job more. By forming this positive cycle, he escaped the "job-hatter" mindset and starts his journey to create one of the best companies in Japan.

Run the marathon with 100m sprint speed.


I'm very touched by the speech he told his employees. He said they are late to the semiconductor space. If they want to join this race, they have to make sure they run at 100m sprint speed in order to be relevant in this competitive environment. It must be tiring if you run a marathon at this speed, but this is the only way to have a chance to take the lead in this race. If you don't have the determination to do it, you don't do it. They made it, and now they are among the top semiconductor manufacturer in Japan.

The muddy road.


This is one of the passages in the book, where the author describes what he felt throughout the journey of his professional life. During the journey, there are many unexpected events that forced him to change his plan, forced him to adapt. But with immense willpower, he managed to walk his path until today. It's very hard to do something new, it's challenging and the probability of failure is high. But isn't why it's attractive to us? The unlimited possibility of the future.

💭 Afterthought

This is one of the books that change my perspective in life and really recommends everyone to read it. It's like listening to an old man talked about his past, giving you all the tips he gathered throughout his life. There are so many details he shared in the book that I can't manage to fit them all in one blog post. I'll definitely revisit this book in the future.

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I bought it on Shopee for RM22.99. You can click here to buy this book

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