I watched a video last week, the speaker, Fan Deng shares the idea of tenure-based recruitment, an idea from "The Alliance" by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of Linkedin. In this article, I'll share the key takeaways I got from the video.

️🧑🏻‍💼 Tenure-based recruitment

How long you want to work for my company? What you want to achieve in this duration?

During an interview, you should start by asking: "How long you want to work for my company? And what you want to achieve in this duration?". The median tenure for workers age 25 to 34 is 3.2 years. We shouldn't expect a worker to stay at your company forever. Let's say the answer is 4 years and he/she wants to be the manager of this branch.

I'll help you to achieve it. But I'll need you to do this for me.

At this point, you got to tell them what it takes to become the manager of this branch. They might need to take OT. They might miss the public holidays. Are they okay with it? Then, sign a document with 4 years tenure, I will grow you to reach your goal, and you will do this for me. The document is not for legal purposes, just a record to remember this day.

When the tenure is up, what's next?

After 3.5 years, it's time to renew the tenure. Time to meet again and ask what's his next plan. You might get 3 kinds of answers:

  1. "I want to continue to work for you". Repeat the process by asking them how long they plan to work for you this time? What do they want to achieve during this tenure?
  2. "I found another company". Write a recommendation letter for them. Ask them to train someone to take their job. Ask them to join the ex-employee club.
  3. "I want to start my own business". Give them advice. Invest in it if you think it's a good idea.

📝 Few notes on management

  1. Be strict with your employee. Your employee is giving their time (life) to you. You must be responsible to help them grow, otherwise, you're wasting their time.
  2. Manager = do work thru other people. If you find yourself spending time doing what should've been done by your subordinates, you're a bad manager. It stops your subordinates to learn and stops you to teach.
  3. 5x rules to give proper instruction. 1) Tell them what to do. 2) Let them tell you what you want them to do. 3) Why you do this? 4) Any emergency, which one should report which one you can decide yourself? 5) If you plan it, how will you do it?

🎥 Watch the Video

In this video, he talks about the new type of relationship between employer and employee. You should watch it if you're having trouble with managing your team.

罗辑思维 174 樊登:联盟,雇主与员工的新型关系

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